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May 21, 2008


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Robert Bousquet

You definitely set the new standard for forums. Our Leader Board design was highly inspired by Beast. In fact, our original mockups had the same exact new post notifications. Good stuff. Looks a little different now, but still pays homage to your design goodness: http://newleaders.com/topics/11-new-rules

Kevin Milden

Absolutely. It is kinda of funny that we get to hear them rant from time to time about how people pay homage (borrow) from 37signals yet they can freely borrow ical and beast like interfaces without anyone mentioning it. I think they have done a lot for web design but their design is in some ways so simple it is just indefensible. If anyone can nick the design in less than 15 minutes I don't know if that is much of design at all. Especially if they are going to give workshops on how and why they designed it.

If you want to keep people from paying homage to you. You just need to continually insult the audience on a regular basis. Eventually they'll give up and move on to some one new that encourages the natural behavior of emulating your heros.

Josh Goebel

Yeah, I don't really know if this series is going to have time to discuss the iCal inspired Backpack calendar or the Address Book inspired Highrise. :-) Perhaps I'll save those topics for a rainy day or a side note if they seem particularly helpful later in the series...

I think in the future I need to set a loose post limit for a series and hash out an outline before hand... though I think this whole ad-hoc thing is working pretty well for me so far.

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