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May 28, 2008


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roger pack

I think you're right. You can patent a 'look and feel' but not copyright it, AFAIK.

Josh Goebel

I'm pretty sure I'm right after all the reading I've done; unless I missed something big. I did quite a bit of reading before writing all the articles on the legal stuff.


Are you a lawyer? If not, please don't give out legal advice :-)
If you are, I'll start come here for that.

Josh Goebel

I've read the relevant sections of U.S. Copyright Office's website... I've studied the issue. No, I'm not a lawyer but this isn't rocket science. Sure if you plan to actually pick a legal fight with a company over this type of thing you are going to want a lawyer not just my blog posts in hand... I wouldn't presume to tell you otherwise.

I simply hope my blog posts will prove educational and encourage smaller companies to stand up for their rights instead of assuming that just because a larger company says something is true that it actually is. I've learned a lot myself since I started this series. I hope others have as well.

I'm presenting things as I see them after careful study of the issues. I think my analysis is logical and well reasoned and I would gladly welcome an equally logical and well reasoned response from anyone of the opposite view point.


Unfortunately, "copyright in screen displays" does mean the screen display itself, not the text being displayed. This doesn't destroy your argument, but it weakens it somewhat.

Josh Goebel

Fred, you're one of the few people I've spoken with who holds that opinion after reading everything (did you read everything?)... based on the full document and many excerpts I cited what leads you to hold that opinion? And how do you explain the Copyright Office's explanation of screens that "are not copyrightable"...

While I would hesitate to call any of the actual material of the Copyright Office clear and concise after reading and brain parsing it's pretty clear to me that it's the copyrightable content, not the design or layout that is being referred to.

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