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May 23, 2008


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There's an interesting case [1] regarding design patents going on between Monster Cable (which has a history of being a patent bully) and Blue Jeans Cable, where the former tried to pressure the latter into a licensing agreement by sending them a strongly worded cease and desist letter about the RCA plugs they use in their cables. However, the CEO of Blue Jeans turned out to be an old litigation lawyer and wasn't such an easy target. His response [1] is both an entertaining and very educational read.

[1] http://www.audioholics.com/news/industry-news/blue-jeans-strikes-back

Josh Goebel

Ha, that is a great read! I'd love to read an open letter response to 37signals if they had e-mailed Blue Jeans Cable instead of one of these other companies they say they e-mail once a week.

I'm doing the best I can studying and speaking to this issue, but there is nothing that could replace 20 years of industry experience with such matters.

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