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June 30, 2008


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I was also nostalgic and your post helped me out to start it. Now I'm looking for pvp TCP servers because I don't have the courage to start over in level 1 alone haha.

Matthew Wastrodowski

I was feeling nostalgic too. After numerous bad links to old fileserver sites, I tried to fire up Diablo 1 demo, but it fails very early in. Need to find a work around, or find the full version.

steven markworth

seriously, you are my favorite guy on the internet right now. thanks.


Thanks Josh ! Inquired with Blizzard, and they told me the same thing, but was too scared to try it ;) You are a brave man my friend ! A hero to us all :D


I too wasn't happy about the fact that Diablo 2 (nor StarCraft) worked after the update. My solution? Install CrossOver, works perfectly.

Jan Wikholm

I too have been contemplating starting afresh with D2 and the expansion to run thru them prior to D3.

Thanks for reminding about this :)

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