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June 10, 2008


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Ciarán Walsh

You must put the duplicated command in the TextMate bundle, or this won’t work.


I'm not sure, this is exactly, what you're looking for, but something like has already been done:

Nice approach though :)

Josh Goebel

Good old DrNic... guess I shouldn't be surprised he solved this already. :-) Looks like he actually wrote a Ruby RTF generator though, which is kind of cool and a totally different solution to the problem. Wonder if he just hadn't heard of textutil or if there is some hidden problem I haven't discovered yet.


This also works in PowerPoint if you go Edit > Paste Special as opposed to just paste (which means you can't Command+V)

I really need to buy iWork.

Josh Goebel

Yes, you do need to buy iWork.


@Josh: Unfortunately, I am simply an OS X pawn in a Windows environment. Unless they make an iWork player for Windows.

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