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June 12, 2008


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Chat apps also have a history of about 1000 other useless features that get in the way. Thankfully, campfire kept a lot of that out. It's naive to think that it's simple, so anyone can just knock out a chat clone, or a basecamp clone in a weekend. A lot of thought and design went into it. Hell, anyone can clone pastie in a weekend. But, you obviously put a lot of thought into the design, so you've done the work for any would-be cloners. It's still the best damn paste site IMO.

I don't think 37s actually pursued any legal action. I believe JF just made a comment in some interview, and the response from other fan(boys) lead to the decision to take it down. It's no different than when "Web Designer Person" posts about some "asshat" ripping off "Web Designer Person's Crowning Achievement", and then asshat getting their email box flooded by angry responses from "Web Designer Person fanboys".

Kevin Milden

If I make a search engine should it work like Google or Yahoo? Enough said.


That calendar app that 37signals is selling.... looks feature for feature, design for design, color for color, exactly like Apple's iCalendar.

Sheet of paper design: I'm pretty sure linkedin.com had that design before them.

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