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October 21, 2008


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Hi Dude. Are you still improving Pastie? That's a good thing and I like it much. But today I wasn't able to do something with it and I was disappointed =( There is no ability to share editing of Pastie file with others. You could edit it only if you have created it on current machine. So that would be usefull to have a checkbox or whatever to "Share" file and let everyone else to edit it. Like my phone browser could open a txt files. And while I'm on my way somewhere I could talk to my collaborators and see the code updates and even update sources by myself(with t9 =D ) What do you think?

Josh Goebel

I do have some ideas for improvement but mostly Pastie "just works" and meets the needs that I designed it for. I'm a strong believer of "less is more".

If you get a login from the IRC bot (read Pastie's help) you will stay logged in for 2 weeks and be able to edit older pasties... friends can edit your pastes simply by click "paste again", saving a new paste with their changes, and then sharing the link with you.

You may also want to checkout Gist on Github for a paste service that has a different set of tricks up its sleeve.

Nick Hoffman

Hey mate, thanks for a great public tool. I use Pastie every couple of days. One feature that I think would be great is wrapping long lines if a section's type is plaintext.

I searched pastie.org for "wrap", and found this buried in there, which means you've done _something_ about it...:


Do you have any plans to make line-wrapping publicly available? It'd be a simple, great new feature.


Josh Goebel

Line wrapping is still there somewhere - it will likely return (and work properly) in a future update. It may still come on automatically depending on what you paste and the length of your lines.

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