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November 22, 2008


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I'd like to talk to you about buying this site. Can you send me an email @ labs.harkness [at] gmail.com

Please delete this message after you read it.

Josh Goebel

Buying WHAT site? I have no interest in selling pastie.org.

Josh Goebel

Well, unless it was some ungodly high $$$$$$ that would let me buy a few new BMWs... then we could maybe talk. :-)

courier new

the font family specified for the code pastes on pastie.org are:

"Bitstream Vera Sans Mono","Monaco","Courier",monospace

please modify "Courier" to "Courier New" because courier is very difficult to read since it doesn't font smooth. thanks!

Wolfram Arnold

Yeah, that seemed to fix the issue for me. Thanks a lot.

Stephen Ryan

That was quite helpful, actually; thanks!

Alastair Brunton

Nice one, good fix!

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