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November 13, 2008


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Robert Bousquet

Cool. I vote for Twilight.

Xavier Shay

Don't like content in JS.
I can't see it in my feed reader.

Josh Goebel

You can if you click the link (I see them if I open another tab in NetNewsWire, but you're right, they aren't downloaded in the feed)... someone suggesting having a [noscript] block with a quick link to the Pastie for non-JS or feed-reader people... I think that's about as good a comprise as we're going to get with the JS embed method.


is pastie source available somewhere?

Josh Goebel

Pastie is closed source.

David Tucker

Thanks again for this great tool. I would love it if there were a few URL params we could pass when embedding the code. As you stated, I would prefer to be able to select a theme - as well as selecting whether or not the line numbers are displayed.

Just my 2 cents.

Dr Nic

Thanks for adding the embed support. I'd like to +1 the option of a full embed (no JS) with theme CSS loaded via an included tag. Would that work?


Hi Josh, beautiful work! It would be nice if you'd allow passing a theme param.

Michael Wales

Absolutely love it! Took a long time to modify my stylesheet to get the Pastie block exactly how I wanted, but I'm loving it!

Russ Jones

Excellent feature, thanks Dreamer. Also, being able to pick a color theme would be great.

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