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January 15, 2009


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That's really funny, i didn't see Obie's message thu, only the poll thing and i was thinking 'i wonder if they are going to talk about the crisis in the Bahamas'.

Nice catch :)


Hey Josh, I couldn't find anywhere else to tell you this so here it is. I like your snag the flag game and was wondering if you would like some help. Mostly in twitter integration and getting the game out there. I only found the game cause someone else posted a link to a new game and asked if anyone else wanted to play. This is probably the best way to find people, so any further integration would be nice. Also, it it's an extended game then it might be nice to receive twitter updates whenever your opponent makes a move. Anyways, just use my email below to let me know if/how I can help.

Jason H

Hey, First of all, I LOVE pastie and I have a few suggestions (you don't have a contact area so I am writing it here).

I would love to use pastie more often but I am wondering if you have considered user accounts to allow people to collect pasties?

Also, maybe an API at some point would help out?


You could supoort haml.


What the heck is Pastie!? I have no idea!

Sean Hess

Sorry to comment here. I looked all over for bug reporting for Pastie, but couldn't find it.

Your embedded js links are returning the html template instead. All my embedded code on my blog just broke!

Check out the following link.


Thanks! I'm going to keep looking for an actual contact email or something. Good work on Pastie, it rocks.


Fly coach? Nah…

I'll just develop a quantum teleporter—running on Lisp of course. :-p

Josh Goebel

I'd think someone capable of building quantum teleporters might have more important things to worry about than a global financial crisis... perhaps tears in the fabric of space and time just to name one potential issue. :-)

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