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March 14, 2009


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Mark Turner

I was there (amerine) this shit gets hilarious.

Joon You

C'mon, this person was kidding.

Josh Goebel

Seemed dead serious to me.




Care to actually refute his arguments? Like, with counter-arguments and stuff?

Josh Goebel

If you have to ask you missed the point.


The point is, this is far from obvious enough for newbies to understand. If you did give an explanation it might actually help to get more people to do test-driven development.

Josh Goebel

This post isn't for newbies.


This -> Usually your code fails in places you wouldn't think about, testing will not prevent that. <- was my favourite :)


> Care to actually refute his arguments?

I'll give it a shot. (Going backwards)

> I can't stay agile when I'm rewriting 500 tests that failed because I changed the implementation of a method.

It's my understanding of good tests that the one thing they don't do is test the implementation of a method. Tests should be testing what a method does, not how it does it. If changing the implementation breaks your tests, it's a sign that your tests are wrong, not that testing is wrong.

> Usually your code fails in places you wouldn't think about, testing will not prevent that.

Even if that's true, the idea isn't that you should throw away your tests when your failure comes from something you didn't test. At that point you should write a test for that case, then fix it, and then testing will prevent it from happening again.

Zed Shaw

Testing are for pussies.

Mark Fowler

If you never do testing, what is this: http://www.pastie.org/1

Josh Goebel

Hahaha. I love testing. I can't believe how the benefits aren't obvious to everyone.


There is a plugin named Shoulda from ThoughtBot, it really makes writing tests a a breeze...


but you guys probably already know of it... lulz


What have you got when it's both ridiculous and interesting?

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