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May 16, 2009


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I'm with you. I wanted to find out the average speed someone can walk:


There it is, first result, even in the cached text.


Gives me another search to try:


I have no idea what that is. Some kind of exercise its telling me to do? :)

Yeah, no idea about Spock and Uhura. Wtf.


bing.com is able to do reasonably well... the answer you're looking for is in the top 2 results:



I don't know, 400m/min seems to have the unit for speed. And oh look, it actually says speed by it...

No seriously, if you're comparing the two sites using different metrics, one being using a query to sift through human-created content and another that has the ability to parse the input and decide on what the most relevant answer would be (the two are different) I would definitely go for the one that optimizes the result down to a single and in most cases, a correct one. Wolfram's designed from a Mathematical computation engine, not a content indexer, it's not the same thing as a search engine...

Steven Oliver

You obviously completely missed the point of the Alpha.

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