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June 30, 2009


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Les Reynolds

Looks like it could use a bit of polish in the design, but it works great. I've bookmarked it for future use.

Ilia Lobsanov

ye right i'm gonna give my password to you, nice try.

Josh Goebel

Les, if you have specific suggestions feel free to share. I think it's pretty well thought out overall, but I agree there is some pixel level tweaking and improvements that could be made overall. Have to start somewhere. The invoice screen is of course complicated because it tries to show a lot of information in a very little space.

Ilia. Unfortunately accessing the API does require your username and password. This is true if any external 3rd party app that integrates with Blinksale. Of course it's your right to trust whoever you please, but I'm one of the good guys. :-) I value my data and my privacy as much as the next guy.

And Invoicie doesn't save anyone's passwords. They are only used to access the API for your current session and are actually sent (securely over SSL) with each request. When you aren't using Invoicie it has no idea what your passwords or account is.

Scott Perry

what are you using as far as libraries? I've started pondering building an iPhone web façade, but don't know where to start yet.

Josh Goebel

Some of the visual pieces are from iui and UiUIKit... and I started with CSS from iui to get the headers and such looking correct. I wouldn't say I'm using any particular library though as all the JS is custom so far and I'm kind of just doing whatever works and trying different things... this is a learning project.

Kevin Milden

Thanks Josh for the mention of Logpost. We're making a full marketing site for Logpost. I am happy to design one for Invoicie if you need one. Great work!

Daniel Danopia

Is that Rails? :P

If you can do that type of stuff with an iTouch on wifi, I'd be very interested in it. (I'm building an invoicing system too, but it has to track more stuff, like products, vehicles, etc., and I'm making it in Rails)

Josh Goebel

Yes, it's Rails. What else? And Invoicie should work just fine on an iPod Touch. :-)


Looks good - but a bit dollar-centric at the moment! :)

Josh Goebel

I haven't even thought of how alternative currencies are handled... I can look into that.

Tony Oravet

Great job! We have all been waiting for this for a long time!

Keep up the great work!


Giant green URLs should be clickable.

Josh Goebel

I guess when I wrote the article i was imaging viewing it from your desktop and hence manually typing the URL into your iPhone... the app is iPhone optimized and not intended to be used from the desktop, hence no link.

I suppose if you're viewing my blog on your iPhone thought it might be a bit annoying. I'll see about tweaking things.


So, I use OpenID to access my Blinksale account. Seems like that's not supported with Invoicie? Can has OAuth?

Josh Goebel

Invoicie uses the Blinksale API which requires your username and password. I'm not sure how something like OpenID could work in this type of pass-thru authentication scenario. You could prove your OpenID credentials to Invoicie, but that wouldn't allow any access to your Blinksale account without some development work on Blinksale's end.



Hi, trying it out in the UK, blinksale know i'm GBP (£) but invoicie still thinks im $.
Any change of an update?

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