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May 15, 2010


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I Need Money Desperately

They have a point. Thanks for sharing this one man.

Account Deleted

Off topic.

Could you please add "Consolas" before the "Courier New" to the font stack you use for displaying code on Pastie? It will please Win7/Vista guys a lot.



Great quote.

By the way... isn't elegant designs the only weapon we had to combat complexity?


Hi Josh. I know this is kind of random but i would like to ask you one question about this particular code you posted.

Sorry for the above comment. Please ignore it. Some typo errors.

In this link, line 114, under the generate random letters section, why did you use 21 instead of 26? I thought normally we multiply by 26 because we got 26 characters? So my question is why did you use 21?

Hope to receive your reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

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